Whether we are conducting experiments to understand basic processes, or conducting a comprehensive verification program for a specific design, here in St. John’s we utilize a broad range of physical test facilities at a multitude of scales.  Our teams have the expertise to take your program to the field, including operations in harsh environments, so when practical, we bring real-world rigour to your design challenges.

C-CORE’s 10 tonne, 200g commercial Centrifuge

NRCs (75m x 12m) offshore ocean basin having wave, current and wind capability

NRC’s (90 x 12m) ice tank
NRC’s (200 x 12m) wave gen towing tank
MUN’s (34 x 5m) wave gen towing tank

Marine Institute’s 22 x 8 x 4 flume tank
Largest in the world
1.7 million L of water
Up to 1 m/s