Defence and Security


C-CORE has a team of world-leading researchers who are engaged in the creation of novel methods for a broad range of defence and security applications.

From surveillance of space, surveillance from space, and community protection our GeoAnalytics team provides next-generation solutions for real-world problems.  With the expertise necessary to understand and create solutions for signal processing, orbital analysis, and data integrity and protection, our team has the breadth and depth of experience in math, physics, and engineering to provide everything from theoretical studies to implementable hardware and software systems.

From projects in the application of quantum signal processing in the detection of improvised and concealed explosives, to the creation of dedicated multi-static surveillance and signals acquisition systems, C-CORE has the demonstrated skills necessary to provide world-leading research and development.

Earth Observation


C-CORE takes advantage of the latest advances in satellite technology to satisfy clients’ needs through applied research and operational services. Our expertise spans the domains of oceans, land, and air with proven capabilities in areas including wetlands inventory, iceberg and sea ice monitoring, oil slick/seeps identification, vessel detection, and emissions monitoring. C-CORE’s specialization is advancing EO technologies for harsh environments with national and international industry and government clients in offshore energy production, onshore pipeline operations, surface mining, and security / environmental monitoring.




C-CORE’s EO services are underpinned by a Systems team with specialized skills in radio frequency systems development and testing, electromagnetics and hardware/software development. This team develops unique RF systems to support EO services, conducts EM research and development for defence applications and consults on new RF technologies and their application in novel ways. C-CORE specializes in creating custom hardware and streamlining complex systems for harsh environment and space applications – from radio beacons and ice measurement radars to satellite transponders and space-qualified hardware.