Modeling Ice Pressures on Icebreaker Frej

  • Verify hull strength

  • Calibrate strain gauges

  • Calibrate integrated ice load sensor

Iceberg Impact Loading on Offshore Floating Structure

  • Hull strains & deformation

  • Verify ice class

  • Optimize design

Development of RHITA

  • Our high-capacity ice strength testing frame

  • 1MN indentor forces at 0.5m/s

Pile Response Analysis

  • Analysis of the pile response and capacity for a subsea wellhead protection structure.

  • Deflection, resistance, and ultimate capacity analysis for impacts on a wellhead structure and conductor on the seabed.






  • Wellhead protection structure for ice impacts in the Kara Sea, including displacement and stress analysis for structural grillage and pile design.

  • Pipe-soil interaction analysis using numerical and physical (centrifuge) testing to understand the effects of pipe displacement rate.











  • Ice keel, seabed gouge, pipeline response modeling.