From developing algorithms for advanced signal and image processing to instrumentation development and transponder design, C-CORE has advanced machine and vision systems for use on and under the ocean, on and beneath the Earth, and in the skies and space above.

Our team of 30+ remote sensing engineers and scientists represents the largest concentration of diverse remote sensing expertise in Canada, dedicated to developing efficient systems to address public and private sector priorities such as climate change adaptation, public and environmental safety, and critical infrastructure monitoring.

We develop unique RF systems to support Earth observation services, conduct EM research and development for defence applications and consult on new RF technologies and their application in novel ways.

We specialize in creating custom hardware and streamlining complex systems for harsh environment and space applications – from radio beacons and ice measurement radars to satellite transponders and space-qualified hardware.



For more than 35 years, C-CORE has investigated and advanced the monitoring capabilities of Earth observation (EO) and other remote sensing technologies, developing systems that bring valuable new insights to industries and communities and helping protect people, infrastructure and the environment.

With extensive experience in the resource, transportation and security/defense sectors, C‑CORE’s systems expertise focuses on the following.

Product and Technology Development

C-CORE develops integrated hardware and software products in the following areas: instrumentation and sensors; advanced signal processing; RF (Radio Frequency) and satellite radar transponders design; maritime radio beacon tracking; Improvised Explosive Device (IED) detection.



C-CORE develops RADAR hardware and software products in the following areas: target tracking; systems design and prototype development; advanced radar signal processing; clutter modelling; antenna design (VHF, Microwave); numerical simulation and scale-model testing; precision calibration transponders.

Satellite Ground Segment

C-CORE has developed an innovative Satellite Receiving Station, designed to support the new generation of satellites. Roughly one quarter the size of conventional ground stations, it is optimized to downlink high volumes of smallsat data.

Systems Testing

When little objective data exists to assess the performance/applicability of monitoring technologies, C-CORE designs testing systems and protocols, as well as completes tests, to gather appropriate and sufficient data for technology developers, their clients and/or regulators.

Next Generation Satellite Receiving Station


C-CORE’s novel Satellite Ground Station is an innovative solution designed to support the new generation of satellites and higher-density satellite constellations, providing a more cost-effective solution for downlinking high volumes of smallsat data.

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Aiborne Ice Thickness Measurement System Project


Creating an early warning system for offshore facilities and vessels facing encroaching ice and extreme ice features, C‑CORE is developing an Ice Thickness Measurement System that gathers and integrates radar data to provide ice thickness maps over large areas in real time.

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Next-generation satellite sensors


C-CORE is helping the Canadian Space Agency improve Canada’s satellite-based maritime surveillance capability by adapting its proprietary radar technology for the next generation of RADARSAT satellites, greatly improving their imaging capability.

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