LOOKNorth is a Canadian national Centre of Excellence for Commercialization and Research (CECR), founded and hosted by C-CORE.

As a Northern nation, Canada contains some of the world’s most pristine and fragile ecosystems. There is an urgent need for accurate and continuous environmental monitoring to ensure responsible, sustainable land/water use management and safe operations in a changing global climate system. Canada has developed extensive internationally recognized expertise in remote sensing. By networking, advancing and promoting that expertise, Canadian small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with innovative satellite and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technologies and services are poised to capture an emerging market of well over $1 billion. Additionally, remote sensing technologies/services can supplement indigenous traditional knowledge to help understand environmental conditions, especially in remote or challenging areas with sparse infrastructure; delivering remote sensing services in Northern communities has the potential to build local capacity and create significant socio-economic benefits in and for Canada’s North.

LOOKNorth networks Canadian remote sensing innovators and provides a bridge to commercial markets through a combination of remote sensing technology expertise, project management support, continuous engagement with end users to understand market needs, and business development support. The Centre is partnering with Canada’s leading satellite SMEs to define and launch industry-relevant missions, with Unmanned Systems Canada to support Canada’s UAV sector and advance beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operations, and with Arctic innovators to establish Northern remote sensing enterprises.

To learn more, visit the LOOKNorth website, here.