C-CORE’s Next-Generation Satellite Ground Stations combine extensive downlink capabilities with strong data security and fast, reliable access. Tailored to your needs, this unique custom solution is right-sized and agile to support your growth objectives.

As the only Canadian commercial service provider, we provide cost-effective ground segment services.

Our Network

With one located in Canada’s Northwest Territories (Inuvik) and one in Labrador (Happy Valley-Goose Bay), C-CORE’s high-latitude ground stations are strategically positioned to support the new generation of satellite missions. These missions are higher density constellations, and mission operators are demanding more cost-effective solutions optimized for high volumes of smallsat data.

C-CORE delivers.

Planning Services

Are you launching a new satellite or expanding an existing constellation? We can help you plan your ground station requirements including communications, downlink capacities, and regulatory licensing.

Data Operations

Once you are up and running, we support your ongoing operations. Our service fully monitors your downlink passes, and includes personal technical support services.

Our clients can send command transmissions, receive telemetry, tracking, and command (TT&C), and directly receive the earth observation (EO) data. High-speed optical backhaul links are available for large capacity, low latency backhaul of EO data to cloud processing centers.

Data Processing/Analytics

We offer complete end-to-end Earth Observation Data, workflow automation, and Geospatial Analytics via our Coresight platform.

A true value-added provider, we help maximize your data’s business impact through increased data sales and usage. We also provide support for licensing RF and remote sensing, data handling / MGT platforms, and radar calibration transponders.



High Pass Zone

Inuvik is an ideal location for polar-orbiting satellites, where up to 12 passes per day for each satellite can be downlinked. C-CORE joins Canadian, German, Swedish, and French operators at the Inuvik Satellite Station Facility (ISSF), benefitting from its secure location (developed by Natural Resources Canada), reliable high-speed fibre communications, and all-season operations.



Uniquely Located

Our Happy Valley-Goose Bay ground station is the only ground station on the planet to provide coverage on the high north eastern part of North America. This location is ideal for time critical satellite data for eastern North American, Atlantic Ocean, and Polar passes.

Partner Network


We partner to extend our capabilities

C-CORE can work with existing ground station providers, to augment coverage and capacity for downlinking your EO data.

C-CORE’s Ground Stations have been allowing us to give back to the communities where we operate since 2017.flag of Canada | Meaning & History | Britannica