In a world with increasing global transparency, stay ahead of the curve for emissions monitoring

C-CORE uses multiple satellite sensors and advanced analytics to provide objective data that supports validation of responsible operations – globally.


C-CORE has developed an innovative approach to methane emissions monitoring from satellites to support independent operator validation of emissions reporting. The solution integrates multiple satellites to provide detection of large emissions cost effectively and measurement of smaller emissions for reporting purposes.

  • Space agency missions that provide freely available raw data for global detections
  • Commercial missions that provide very high resolution data for site specific measurements, such as GHGSat’s constellation

A methane plume in the Gulf of Mexico detected using a Landsat 8 image captured on August 5th, 2022


C-CORE’s Platform of Interest analytics integrate approaches for plume detection, flaring activity, and
platform detections that utilize advanced analytics to increase accuracy and reduce false positives of
detections. These analytics approaches are combined with complementary databases to determine a
platform risk assessment.

Alerts are generated from the Platforms of Interest analytics engine and sent to the client. C-CORE’s
confidential and secure Platforms of Emissions Dashboard displays all alerts over client’s assets. Editing, annotating,
archive, and exporting functions provide a wealth of information to support decision making for actions,
management, and reporting of responsible operations.

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