C-CORE is an active participant in Defence R&D innovations and have been supporting work through DRDC and with DND directly over the past two plus decades.

We are proud to help support efforts to protect Canadian Armed Forces members in theaters of conflict.

Monitoring and Surveillance

There are an increasing number of foreign SAR surveillance satellites that routinely pass over Canadian territory, possibly gathering information on what might be happening in Canada. This is a concern for security and defence interests, so there is significant interest in understanding what information these satellites may be able to gather.

The Systems team is active in the development of prototype systems capable of recording transmissions from space-based systems that may be of use to Nation Defence and other security agencies in helping secure Canadian interests.



Threat Detection and Mitigation

There are any number of threats that Canadian Armed Forces personnel are exposed to in the course of there service to ensure that Canada’s interests are protected around the globe. Personnel serving in areas of armed conflict are exposed to the scourge of improvised explosive devices, one of the greatest dangers to personnel, and one of the hardest to identify.

C-CORE has been engaged with defence scientists for over a decade researching on new means to detect and mitigate this threat.

Active work continues to support both of these efforts at DRDC where Systems team members are heavily involved in the following activities:

  • Numerical modelling and simulation;
  • Theoretical analyses;
  • Tool development;
  • Experimental design, implementation and analyses; and
  • Prototype development.