Protect satellites from what?

Constantly increasing space traffic, whether human or natural, leads to real concerns about space situational awareness (SSA). The potential for catastrophic collisions from resident space objects (RSOs) is a serious and costly issue for satellite operators and international space agencies.

Canada has always been a pioneer in space and continues to lead in contributions to the operational monitoring of space assets. Multiple challenges in the operational monitoring of space assets, understanding the environment, and encouraging the peaceful use of space are part of our contribution to global security.  


What is C-CORE doing?

C-CORE is a proud partner working with Canada’s Department of National Defence, the Canadian Space Agency, and commercial partners to expand our offerings to practical applications in space and the surveillance of space. 

C-CORE has designed and implemented multiple systems in orbital mechanics and products for the discrimination and tracking of on orbit RSO.  The team has designed methods for on-orbit RSO identification and prediction, including passive and active optical systems.