When approaching a design either from conception to FEED design verification, we focus on understanding the basic elements of environmental loading, the full range of environmental loading conditions, and failure modes of the system. Validation/verification of novel designs either advance numerical modeling and simulation through to lab testing or full-scale field demonstration is critical.

Through CFD modeling and utilization of commercial and open-source software, we have developed validated and reliable predictive tools for a variety of industries and applications such as:

  • Carbon capture
  • Offshore hydrodynamics
  • Fixed and floating wind turbines
  • Fixed and floating oil and gas platforms
  • Iceberg management
  • Leak and spill modeling
  • Wind load and vortex shedding for onshore and offshore structures
  • Oil spill response and preparedness
  • Lake de-icing, river and underwater intake protection
  • Flow assurance and gas hydrate management
  • Pipeline thermal management and multiphase flow modeling

Offshore wind and waves on fixed and floating wind turbines

Iceberg-platform Interaction

Floating Wind Turbine Hydrodynamics 

Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH)

Wind Load Modeling

Oil Spill Recovery Enhancement

Supersonic Carbon Capture Nozzle

De-icing Using Bubble Curtain

Ventilation Modeling