AI4CH4 is using the power of Artificial Intelligence and Earth Observation data to detect and quantify methane emission. 


EO & AI for Global Transparency

Methane is amongst the most significant contributors to global warming and timely and accurate identification and quantification of methane emissions remains challenging.

Working in collaboration with FluxLab and Harvard University with support from GHGSat, AI4CH4 will address a critical gap in the current methane monitoring landscape and provide Advanced AI model for an end-to-end plume detection and quantification, addressing the limitations of conventional techniques.

AI4CH4 Project Objectives

Benchmark dataset


Create a comprehensive benchmark dataset of methane plumes using satellite and field data.

Satellite emission monitoring


Advance the understanding of methane emission and atmospheric processes using cutting edge remote sensing techniques and AI models.

AI development


Improve the accuracy of methane detection and quantification by developing deep learning models for different satellite missions with different sensitivities to methane emission.

AI4CH4 Project Partners

AI4CH4 Project Progress