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C-CORE is working with Defence R&D Canada (DRDC) and Airbus Defence and Space (ADS) on the Multi-satellite Data Integration for Operational Ship detection, identification and tracking (DIOS) project that builds on its ongoing work to detect and classify maritime targets in satellite earth observation data. The DIOS project will use TerraSAR-X synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data, along with a suite electro-optical and infrared (EO/IR) satellites for ship detection, identification, classification and tracking.

This project will provide C-CORE and ADS a means to investigate new ways of monitoring shipping traffic and icebergs in open water using multiple sensors. It will also give an opportunity to investigate and develop a multi-satellite data classifier to characterize satellite detections as ships, icebergs or other non-ship targets. This combination of remote sensing technologies can provide improved knowledge and additional details not provided by using radar imagery alone. DIOS will demonstrate how these types of technologies can benefit detection, discrimination, identification and tracking of ships and icebergs.

DIOS will take place over 25 months and cost $1.5M CAD to be cost shared between C-CORE, ADS and the Defence Innovation Research (DIR) program. DIOS will add to C-CORE’s already growing list of satellite-based services, based on near-real-time service delivery, involving automated target detection and discrimination. C‑CORE is presently a world leader in SAR-based monitoring of ice and icebergs; ongoing research and compatibility with the latest sensors are key to maintaining the forefront in that field.