Arctic Ground Station joins Global Network

St. John’s, Newfoundland (30 May 2018) – C-CORE, a St. John’s based R&D corporation that conducts applied research and technology development in challenging environments, has announced a strategic partnership with RBC Signals, a multinational company that simplifies communication services for Low Earth Orbit satellite operators.

The partnership will allow RBC Signals to access the unused capacity of C-CORE’s recently installed satellite ground station in Inuvik. The novel ground station is designed to downlink a variety of data and is optimized for Arctic deployment. At roughly one quarter the size of a conventional ground station, C‑CORE’s innovative design provides a matching solution for the emerging generation of cubesats and nanosats: like these small satellites, C-CORE’s ground station is smaller, cheaper and more easily deployed than its predecessors.

C-CORE’s station will join RBC Signals’ network of more than 45 antennae which provide commercial operators communication with their satellites from the ground. By leveraging the unused capacity of the station, the partnership will render C-CORE’s station more productive and improve RBC Signals’ satellite coverage in the Arctic region.

“We see this partnership as the beginning of a strong and mutually beneficial business relationship,” said Desmond Power, C-CORE’s Vice President of Remote Sensing. “C-CORE will realize revenue from the unused capacity of its Arctic ground station, while RBC Signals in turn gains access to an asset that can communicate with a large number satellites in polar orbit up to 12 times per day. It’s a win-win.”

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Media Contact:

Deirdre Greene Lono, Corporate Communications Manager, C-CORE

Email: deirdre.greene-lono@c-core.ca / Tel: 709.864.3083